Elevate Your Standard 

Current Classes by Eric 

Neighborly Yoga

A beginners class where the theme surrounds the fact that "we like you just the way you are" and every type of yogi and body is welcome. This gentle and kind practice will bring out the fun  leaving you in good hands with your friendly neighbors here at Awakenings. No yoga experience is required. 

Restore and Reset

A relaxing restorative sequence set in a warm and inviting ambiance with essential oils, candles and music. Many props will be indulged in this practice leaving you feeling refreshed, light and at peace.  

Current Classes by Haley

                Gentle Movement

We all need to start somewhere. This class is ideal for all types of students, whether you are just beginning your practice of yoga or are simply looking to decompress after a long day. This hatha inspired class is geared to support your physical, mental and even spiritual needs. Gentle movements are guided and held with the breath and are designed to increase flexibility, balance and strength within the body. A variety of props will be available to aid in the journey to meditation and relaxation.

                   Slow Flow 

This class is created using a unique mix of Yin, Hatha and Vinyasa yoga. The purpose of the class is to explore gentle transitions with mindful breaths that help cultivate awareness in the mind/body on and off the mat. Prior yoga experience is not required but is encouraged, as this class will incorporate some higher level poses and flows.

Current Classes by Jenny


Yin is a calming style of yoga, which is suitable for all levels and geared to releasing tension in both body and mind. Unlike Yang styles of yoga, such as Hot Yoga, Power and Flow where heat is built within the body, Yin is a cooling practice that allows for settling into poses for several minutes as opposed to several breaths. Yin accomplishes several things, allowing many healthful benefits. Mind and muscles are allowed time to relax as students settle into the postures. By allowing the large muscle groups to release tension, the body is able to sink into and compress the connective tissues, such as ligaments, tendons, fascia, as well as the vertebrae and disks of the spine, improving overall flexibility and long term quality of life. By holding these supported poses students also begin to practice a meditative state of mind, encouraged to look inward, listen and respond to how their body feels. Students practice connecting mind, body and spirit and find themselves feeling calmer, refreshed, and more flexible.


Hatha yoga is suitable for all levels of students and moves through a gentle progression of yoga postures, building to a peak pose. Moving through our Hatha class is much like climbing a mountain. Our terrain and gear are assessed, we incline gradually, gaining strength and balance as we move toward the summit while still honoring our bodies. We then descend back to the mat, ending in calming savasna, where the body is able to absorb the goodness of the journey. Students will build strength, balance and flexibility while also cultivating confidence during their journey, on and off the mat. 

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